The hot men that inspire Melanie's stories.


Carey Everett

Carey Everett lost his parents at a young age.  Self-sufficient and reserved, his identity as a Marine means everything to him.  Serving his country is all he ever wants to do, until an insurgent’s bomb took his leg and ended his dream.  Carey finds renewed satisfaction in his work with other wounded veterans, and his friendship with Jase fills those lonely places deep in his heart.


Jase DeSantis is a caretaker.  A big brother, a Navy “Doc” and finally an EMT, he’s been caring for others his entire life.  His passion is making music, and he finds joy in his large circle of friends.  Jase is also a war veteran, and while his wounds aren’t visible, they run deep.  He’s been in love with Carey for years, but accepts that friendship is all they’ll ever have.



Jeremy Speer knows what it’s like to lose it all.   With pure determination, he’s fought his way back from the brink of self-destruction, wanting to honor the lives of those he loved by moving forward as best he can.  It’s not easy, and every day is a struggle, but Jeremy has found a tenuous inner peace that he will do anything to hang on to.  Falling in love with Kai is not part of the plan.


Kai Daniels had a rough start in life, but he refuses to let it define him.  He’s a passionate teacher and advocate for at-risk kids, wanting more than anything to spare them the pain he endured.  Helpless to resist the man with the shattered heart, Kai puts his own heart on the line without reservation, knowing love is always worth the risk.



Loren Smith is a dedicated police officer with big dreams.  He leads a satisfying life full of good friends and exciting cases.  When he loves, he loves deeply, and Loren has never gotten over Eliot, the fragile boy he gave his heart to back when they were kids.


Eliot Devlin's life hasn’t been an easy one.  Compassionate and loving, yet struggling with a severe form of bipolar disorder, he’s helpless to the chemical whims of a brain that frequently betrays him.  His love for Loren has always been a light in the darkness, and finding him again after so many years gives Eliot much-needed hope for the future.